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Celebrate nature's bounty in every cup

Sip Steeple is your go-to tea store in Australia for certified organic tea blends that are free from artificial additives. From classic and wellness blends to motherhood teas, we're proud to source our tea leaves from sustainable tea growers who share our passion for committing to ethical practices.

You can rest assured that our tea store only works with farmers who don't use synthetic pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers in their yields, serving you tea blends in their purest form for a truly natural and wholesome tea-drinking experience.

So when you buy organic blends in our online tea shop, you're making a healthier choice and doing your part in protecting the planet one sip at a time while enjoying the highest quality brews available on the market.

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Our online tea shop offers the most popular and beloved organic tea blends, carefully curated to delight your senses. Experience the exquisite flavours and aromas that have captured the hearts of tea enthusiasts around the world.

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Green teas

Delight in the freshness of our organic green teas, packed with rich antioxidants and immunity-boosting properties. Whether you want to achieve and maintain a fit body or focus on detoxification, we offer a natural and delicious way to support your wellness goals.

Black teas

When you crave a bold and satisfying brew, you can never go wrong with our range of black tea. From Oolong, perfect for cleansing the palate post-meal, to our robust English Breakfast, our tea store promises a rich, flavourful experience in every sip.

Floral teas

Soothe your soul with our White Peony tea — a perfect companion for unwinding after a long day. Or, if you want to brew something new and broaden your horizons, dare to try our unique blend of French Earl Grey infused with cornflower, calendula and rose petals. 

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Discover Our Tea Store's Showcased Product Line

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Classic Blends

Whether you prefer peppermint or sencha, you can stack your pantry with our collection of traditional teas, expertly curated to indulge the refined taste of every tea aficionado. 

Motherhood Teas

Our lactation tea aims to help breastfeeding mums stimulate milk production in a nurturing way. We also offer a special blend perfect for easing PMS symptoms.

Wellness Teas

Enjoy a peaceful slumber with our Dreamy Night tea, crafted to lull you to sleep and transport you to a tranquil oasis after each cup. Or, clear your mind with our focus tea.

Our story

Sip Steeple is a premiere tea store in Australia — a byproduct of Jay's relentless exploration of the diverse nuances of drinks and food. Since our foundation, we've fostered a community of tea connoisseurs who share our love and appreciation for nature's bounty. 

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Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind our products and services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Shop organic teas from Sip Steeple's online tea shop — where every blend boasts the finest flavours and aromas

Take the first step towards enjoying a healthier, fresher brew with Sip Steeples' range of 100% organic teas, ethically sourced worldwide. Whether you prefer the timeless allure of Oolong tea or want to discover new, exciting blends, we have the perfect cup for your distinct palate. Contact us if you have any questions about our tea blends.

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Explore Tea Knowledge with Sip Steeple

Dive into our latest blog posts to uncover the fascinating world of tea. Expand your horizons with expert insights, brewing techniques, and cultural stories that celebrate the art of tea. Start your Tea Education journey with Sip Steeple today.

Our Latest Tea-riffic Recipes

Delve into our curated collection of delightful and aromatic tea recipes, each thoughtfully crafted from our blog. These concoctions are a perfect blend of tradition and innovation, designed to tickle your taste buds while bringing warmth and comfort to your cup. Discover the magic of perfectly brewed tea, and let each recipe transport you on an international journey of flavors, right from the comfort of your home.

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