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Classic Blends

Indulge in the timeless allure of Sip Steeple's Classic Blends. Our collection captures the traditional essence of tea, expertly crafted with high-quality organic ingredients for an authentic experience.

At Sip Steeple, we're passionate about tea β€” its history, culture and the comfort it brings to our daily lives. We believe in the power of a good cup of tea to soothe, energise and inspire. That's why we've dedicated ourselves to sourcing and creating the finest traditional tea selections.

Discover our classic tea blends

Made with care and precision, our classic tea blends are proof of the timeless traditions of tea craftsmanship. Every leaf tells a story of heritage, taste and purity, reflecting our commitment to bringing you the best.

Whether you're drawn to the bold flavours of robust black teas, the calming qualities of soothing herbal infusions or the delicate aromas of aromatic green teas, our traditional tea collection stands as a vibrant homage to the diverse and rich history of tea culture.

The Sip Steeple’s promise

Sip Steeple stands for quality and sustainability. All our teas are 100% organic, ensuring you enjoy not only the best taste but also the reassurance that comes with consuming products free from harmful substances.

Our teas are ethically sourced and expertly blended within Australia, showcasing our dedication to environmental stewardship and conscientious business practices.

Experience the convenience of shopping for classic tea online

In our mission to make premium tea accessible to all, we offer the convenience of shopping classic tea online. Our online store brings the finest tea blends directly to your doorstep, combining the ease of online shopping for traditional tea.

Journey through the richness of classic tea blends from Sip Steeple

Explore Sip Steeple to discover your perfect tea blend and join us on a taste, tradition and excellence journey.

For inquiries, suggestions or just to share your tea stories, contact us. We're here to assist you and make your tea experience with Sip Steeple as enjoyable as possible!

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