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Cups of tea on a wooden table, with a scone, books and a fountain pen. Cups of tea on a wooden table, with a scone, books and a fountain pen.

Sip Steeple Blog

Looking for delicious and healthy recipes, insightful education, and the latest news in the world of tea? Look no further than Sip Steeple's blog! Our organic tea company brings you a one-stop-shop for all things tea-related, with a focus on promoting wellness and sustainable living.

Tea Education

  • A collection of teapots and tea leaves in the style of Indian Madhubani paintings

    The Epic Story of Indian Tea: A Journey Through Time, Taste, and Tradition

    Immerse yourself in India's extraordinary tea heritage. Discover the origins, the expansive tea-growing regions, the indigenous types of tea, the cultural essence, the historical milestones, and the contemporary significance of Indian tea in the global landscape.
  • A row of sealed, air tight tea containers, sitting on a brightly lit countertop in a modern kitchen.

    Navigating the Art and Science of Tea Storage: An Exploration of Quality Factors, Techniques and Best Practices

    We you on a journey through the art and science of tea storage. This guide covers the factors affecting tea quality, traditional and modern storage techniques, and how we use zip lock, opaque pouches to maximise your tea's freshness and shelf life.
  • A top view of some teaware use for the preparation and drinking of Hojicha, with sakura petals scattered.

    Hojicha: An In-depth Exploration of Japan's Toasted Treasure

    Venture into the world of Hojicha, the uniquely roasted green tea of Japan. Get acquainted with its deep-seated history, distinguishable traits, traditional production methods, and how you can recreate your own Hojicha using Sip Steeple's Sencha Green Tea.
  • The Art of Tea Cupping: An Exploration of History, Process, and Modern-day Significance

    The Art of Tea Cupping: An Exploration of History, Process, and Modern-day Significance

    Immerse yourself in the intricate art of tea cupping - a crucial process in the world of tea that brings us closer to understanding the leaves in our cup. Discover its historical origins, understand the detailed process, and explore how it influences our modern-day tea consumption.
  • A close up of lemons cutr in half with moisture glistening and running down the sliced halves.

    Lemon in Tea: A Tangy Twist to Tradition

    Unravel the zestful world of lemon in tea. Explore its rich history, the health benefits it imparts, and the classic combinations that have given lemon its rightful place in the realm of tea.
  • A glass mug of ginger tea sitting on a wooden table in an dimly lit room, with fresh ginger and candlelight

    Ginger Tea: A Blend of History, Healing and Chemistry

    Unravel the warming world of Ginger Tea. Learn about its healing properties, delve into its rich history, and appreciate the natural compounds that lend this aromatic brew its potency.
  • Bai Mu Dan white tea, showing the fine silvery-white hairs on the unopened buds of the tea plant

    White Tea: An Elixir of Serenity

    Immerse yourself in the serene world of White Tea. Learn about its deep-rooted history, delicate production process, varied types, and its role in health and wellness in our modern world.
  • The tea production process including a facility with workers meticulously attending to heaps of drying leaves

    The Voyage of a Tea Leaf: An Extensive Journey Through the Tea Production Process

    Embark on a fascinating tour through the thriving tea estates and witness the intricate process of tea production that crafts the delightful brew in your cup.
  • Emperor Shennong boiling water under a Camellia sinensis tree.

    The Timeless Tale of Green Tea: From Ancient Brew to Modern Marvel

    Join us as we delve into the vibrant history and enduring cultural significance of green tea. Discover the array of forms it takes and how it has gracefully brewed its way into our contemporary tea-drinking landscape.
  • A panoramic landscape of the Wiyu Mountains in China. An area famous for the cultivation of Oolong Tea

    A Taste of Time: The Wiyu Mountains' Oolong Tea

    Journey with us as we delve into the rich history and unique characteristics of Oolong tea from China's famed Wiyu Mountains. Discover the cultural significance of this brew and its timeless relevance in our modern tea-drinking landscape.
  • Tea terroir - tea leaves covered in dew on a sunny morning

    The Symphony of Terroir in Tea: Beyond the Brew

    Step into the enchanting world of tea terroir where geography and climate merge, imbuing each leaf with a unique identity. From verdant Chinese hills to Indian plains, explore how environmental nuances mould the character of your brew, revealing the authentic essence of each tea variety.
  • Black Tea: A Rich Brew from History to Your Cup

    Black Tea: A Rich Brew from History to Your Cup

    Embark on a journey through the rich history of black tea, exploring its origin, varieties, cultural significance, and the popular blends we enjoy today. Discover how this robust brew went from an accidental discovery in China to being a globally cherished beverage.
  • A Steeped Revolution: The Boston Tea Party

    A Steeped Revolution: The Boston Tea Party

    Explore the fascinating intersection of tea and history in this in-depth look at the Boston Tea Party and its impact on the American Revolution.
  • Tea or Tisane? Unravelling the Mystery

    Tea or Tisane? Unravelling the Mystery

    Unveil the fascinating world of tea and tisane at Sip Steeple. Learn the differences between these aromatic brews, their unique flavours, and health benefits.

  • The History of Tea: A Journey Through Time

    The History of Tea: A Journey Through Time

    From its mythical origins to its global ubiquity, the humble tea leaf has a story steeped in rich cultural traditions, global politics, and revolutionary innovations. Join me on this fascinating journey through the annals of tea history.

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