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Reflux Relief

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Find relief and savor the gentle minty infusion of our Reflux Relief Tea, designed to alleviate heartburn and promote a delightful tasting experience.

Say Goodbye to Heartburn and Hello to Comfort

Heartburn, also known as reflux, causes discomfort in the stomach and a burning sensation in the chest or throat. It occurs when stomach acid flows back into the esophagus and is often influenced by the foods and beverages we consume.

Unique Herbal Blend for the Entire Family

Sip Steeple's Reflux Relief Tea is a carefully crafted blend of herbal infusions with a history of soothing heartburn-related discomfort, making it suitable for the whole family:

  • Organic Spearmint Leaf: Refreshing and cooling
  • Organic Lemon Balm Leaf: Calming and aromatic
  • Organic Chamomile Flowers: Gentle and soothing
  • Organic Marshmallow Root: Softening and restorative
  • Organic Raspberry Leaf: Mild and nourishing

While the thought of stomach acid isn't enticing, Sip Steeple's Reflux Relief Tea certainly is. Experience the soothing relief our comforting blend can provide.

Safety During Pregnancy

Sip Steeple's Reflux Relief Tea is considered safe for use during pregnancy. However, as individual reactions to herbs can vary, we recommend consulting your healthcare professional before trying it yourself.

  • Spearmint Leaf
  • Chamomile Flowers
  • Lemon Balm Leaf
  • Marshmallow Root
  • Red Raspberry Leaf

Appearance: The brewed Reflux Relief tea presents a pale golden colour with a touch of translucency. The dry ingredients display a mix of colours and textures, from the vibrant green spearmint leaf and lemon balm leaf to the delicate, pale yellow chamomile flowers, and the light brown marshmallow root and red raspberry leaf.

Aroma: The aroma of this Reflux Relief tea is a soothing blend of fresh, sweet, and herbal scents. The spearmint leaf provides a cooling, minty fragrance, while the chamomile flowers and lemon balm leaf contribute a sweet, calming aroma. The marshmallow root and red raspberry leaf add a subtle, earthy complexity, creating a comforting and restorative scent.

Flavour: The flavour profile of the Reflux Relief tea is a well-balanced mix of sweet, refreshing, and herbal notes. The spearmint leaf creates a cooling, crisp base, complemented by the gentle sweetness of chamomile flowers and lemon balm leaf. The marshmallow root introduces a mild, earthy complexity, while the red raspberry leaf provides a subtle, vegetal undertone. The overall taste is soothing and pleasant, perfect for providing relief and relaxation.

Mouthfeel: The tea has a light to medium body with a smooth and slightly creamy texture, attributed to the marshmallow root. The combination of spearmint leaf and herbal components imparts a gentle astringency that cleanses the palate. The Reflux Relief tea finishes with a clean, refreshing sensation, leaving a subtle, lingering warmth from the herbs on the palate.

Enjoy 1-3 cups daily, as required.

To fully appreciate these remarkable herbs, steep a heaped teaspoon in a freshly boiled cup (250ml) of water for at least 5 minutes.

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Sip Steeple Reflux Relief Tea

Reflux Relief

Regular price   $15.00 Sale price   $7.50

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